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The Final Episode, June 28 2012

Nick Plays with Himself

May 10th 2012

June 7th 2012

June 14th 2012

April 19th 2012

April 12th 2012

Other Nick&Noah recordings!

Nick & Noah take Le Tour de KZSU. Sometimes we get into the studio and stuff like this happens. We have made promotions for other shows on KZSU as well as Public Service Announcements.

On very special occasions we get to do interviews with really cool people.

Other stuff Nick&Noah are involved in...

If you're are listening to our show, we highly suggest you stick around for Buford J. Sharkley Presents... a show hosted by the very talented Hervey Okkles featuring radio dramas and hot rock. (sometimes we help out by playing leading men of the radio :)